Success Stories

Ascent is particularly proud of our portfolio of satisfied customers. Their loyalty and level of collaboration has made our company successful and stronger. Every Ascent customer has been a repeat customer - every single one. This is a track record we aspire to maintain, and one we feel is unique in the IT consulting industry.


Below is a small sample set of our work across service lines. Because of our efforts in Cybersecurity, we keep our customer names across all of our service lines confidential.

Cybersecurity Success Stories (Company Profiles Withheld):

  • Breach Rapid Response Support
  • Microsoft Enhanced Secure Administration Environment Implementation
  • Secure Application Development Policy Implementation
  • Compliance and Regulatory Requirement Strategy Map
  • Active Directory Remediation
  • Proactive Security Strategy
  • Business Process Risk Map
  • Cybersecurity Strategy and Implementation Program Development
  • Future State Cybersecurity Architecture

Transformational Success Stories:

  • IT Infrastructure Analysis Strategy – Fortune 500 Firm
  • Cloud RFP Management – Fortune 500 Firm
  • M&A Technical Risk Profile –Auctioneering Co-op
  • CIO On-Demand - Regional Manufacturing Company
  • IT Strategy – Regional Manufacturing Company

Cloud and Foundational Technologies Services Success Stories:

  • Azure Active Directory Premium Implementation– Educational Testing Firm
  • Application Migration to Amazon Web Services – Educational Testing Firm
  • Office 365 Migration – Educational Testing Firm
  • Azure Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) Implementation – Digital Retailer
  • Network and AD Remediation – Digital Retailer
  • Network Security and Remediation - Regional Manufacturing Company
  • Office 365 Migration – Regional Manufacturing Company
  • SCCM Remediation, Cloud Infrastructure Readiness– Fortune 100 Company
  • Application Readiness Profile, Cloud Migration – Fortune 100 Company