Our Story

In today’s complex business world, driving customer value and staying ahead of your competition requires serious IT transformation. Gone are the days when you could spend months planning, years implementing, and decades supporting an IT solution. Gone are the days of patience, second chances, and room for error. And gone are the days when you could choose your IT partnerships based on vendor speed, flexibility, talent, or price alone. You need it all, and Ascent Solutions was formed with your needs in mind.


Ascent Solutions, LLC was created by industry authorities that know the business, delivery and price pressures you are facing and has grown into one of the most trusted consulting companies in the world.  Ascent’s unique method of incorporating cybersecurity into our every service has enabled it to become the premier cloud and cybersecurity consulting organization.

At the heart of each Ascent project is an employee with a deep customer care philosophy. You won’t only “be our first priority”, you will “feel first.” That means we will exceed your expectations on every project. It means we will create a mutually beneficial relationship that transcends the test of time. And it means we will deliver a level of quality you’d only normally get from much larger, more expensive firms. Our people came from those firms, yet they desire to “do consulting” differently, to create an experience that you and they will be proud of. Our people want to be a part of a company that you prefer doing business with.

Of course, value is only attained and success is only maximized when excellence and speed of delivery are realized. Ascent Solutions brings myriad acceleration techniques to our engagements. The Ascent SprintTo MethodologySM (STM) is the cornerstone for ensuring your project is planned in detail, delivered fast and successfully, and measured with accountability. Ascent’s Center for IT Innovation (Ascent CITITM) is our premier workshop methodology and physical environment for accomplishing months of decision-making in only a few days. Finally, the Ascent S.A.F.E. HouseTM is your secure environment to use in the event you have a cyber breach or need a discreet place to meet. It is a place where you can bring your team and all of your key vendor partners into a secure planning and execution environment, away from your corporate location, away from the media and attorneys, and most importantly, away from the perpetrators that caused the breach.

Ascent is particularly proud of the portfolio of satisfied customers we have had the privilege of working with. Their loyalty and level of collaboration has made our company growth exciting and enjoyable. Every Ascent customer has been a repeat customer - every single one. This is a track record we aspire to maintain, and one we feel is unique in the IT consulting industry. We look forward to working with you.