Mantaro Solutions for AWS

Ascent Solutions has created the Mantaro Solutions Portfolio specifically for customers considering a cloud journey with Amazon Web Services (AWS). Ascent Solution’s partnership with AWS has grown over the years and produced specific capabilities to assist our customers wherever they are in their cloud journey. As the Mantaro River is the headwaters of the Amazon, this solution portfolio will empower and enable your business to drive the greatest value from AWS.


As you consider moving to the cloud, Ascent will highlight key decisions that need to be made, ensure your team is ready to operate its cloud services, and help you pick the workloads to start your cloud migration. It’s important to start with a clear, shared vision of what you can achieve and how you will communicate that with key stakeholders. Ascent will help you build consensus and support for this important journey in the following ways:

  • Survey the application portfolio and choose the correct way to jumpstart
  • Determine Total Cost of Ownership, prioritize and simulate application performance
  • Drive business and IT alignment by setting a course and speed of launch on your business’ schedule


Once your company has the vision and organizational support to get started, these Foundation Services will help you get the right pieces in place to ensure a secure operational platform that’s right for your company. Ascent will help you build your own cloud adoption framework to rationalize and prioritize which workloads will run on your cloud platform while determining the cost and value of getting them there. Ascent can help you develop an operating plan with the following deliverables:

  • Identity and Shared Security Architecture
  • Application Architecture and Roadmap
  • Operations and Governance Plan
  • Skills and Organization Assessment


Our Migration Services help your company scale the workload migration, automation and operations. Our services help your company utilize IT as a Service and identify strategic opportunities to leverage managed services where appropriate. Ascent can help in the following ways:

  • Evaluate the business’ migration readiness
  • Integrate Cloud Operations and Managed Services
  • Design the IT as a Service organization


Innovation Services are designed to help you fly! We help you increase your development velocity and start envisioning the new advantages IT as a Service and cloud elasticity can offer your business. Ascent’s services include:

  • Build development velocity and security through DevSecOps
  • Help your business embrace new Technology Accelerators like IOT, Big Data and Mobile


For companies furthest along on their cloud journey, we can always help get even more out of your cloud resources. Leveraging the best resources in the industry to review your architecture and approach will yield even better business results. Ascent will provide your business with expert architects and operators from Ascent and Amazon Web Services.