Make a Difference

Job Openings at Ascent: 

SCCM / Windows10 Consultants - APPLY HERE

  • Anywhere is the US - travel expected 

Deployment Coordinators

  • Minneapolis, MN - travel expected 

CyberSecurity Associate Consultant

  • Minneapolis, MN - travel expected 

Pre-sales Architect

  • Minneapolis, MN
  • Chicago, IL

Solution Architect -- with a focus on CSP

  • Minneapolis, MN

Project Managers 

  • Minneapolis, MN - travel expected 

Solution Advisors (Strategic Account Manager) 

  • Minneapolis, MN
  • Chicago, IL

Security Architects

  • Minneapolis, MN - travel expected 
  • Sioux Falls, SD 

Identity Architects

  • Minneapolis, MN 

Would you like to learn more about the exciting opportunities at Ascent Solutions?

If yes, there are only two questions we need to ask before starting on this great adventure.


Question #1: Is Ascent Solutions right for you?

Only you can decide.  Here are some thoughts to consider:

  • We are a fun, growing company with one of the finest leadership teams in the business.
  • We are a team of builders.  By that, we mean that every role on the team is looking for ways to create and foster growth in our company.  We just don’t encourage it, we REQUIRE it of every employee.
  • We are proud to provide exceptional customer value, build a business together, and change traditional ideas about how to do both.  We do not desire to be different just to be different; we celebrate and incorporate new ideas which may not work in more traditional consulting models. We are willing to try and fail, as long as we learn and improve from it.
  • We believe great people produce great results.  They also know when to take vacation.  We do not have a vacation accrual policy and we trust our employees to make the right decisions in this area.
  • We do not pay a bonus for any role in the company.  Our consultants and solution advisory teams grow the business together.  We pay competitive salaries and have a common incentive to work together so everyone wins. We will enjoy profit sharing along the way.

Have you decided if Ascent Solutions is right for you?  While you continue thinking, let’s look at the second question.

Question #2: Are you right for Ascent Solutions?

The only way we can answer that question is by getting to know more about you and your background, passions, and interests. Please share your resume with us and we will schedule a conversation with you to fill in the gaps about us and give us a chance to learn more about you.

Thank you for checking us out! We really want to work with great people like you and can’t wait to hear from you. Let’s start the conversation - please reach out to us at