Innovation Services

Cloud First, Security Everywhere. Our Innovation Service Line helps your company securely leverage the power, speed, and scale of the cloud. Companies are differentiating themselves from their competitors using cloud technologies, from 'simple' capabilities such as saving money with a cloud back-up data center to advanced cloud capabilities such as Machine Learning. Wherever your company is on the journey to using cloud services, from interested to deeply invested, Ascent is your partner for secure cloud technologies.

Our Cloud Services

Advanced Technologies Solutions

The major cloud service providers, Microsoft with Azure and Amazon with Amazon Web Services (AWS), are constantly adding and refining services that are pushing the boundaries of technology, yet available for use by companies. Most companies have neither the skill sets or the technical capacity to build from scratch an Artificial Intelligence agent, machine learning system, or a data lake. Microsoft and Amazon are doing this and putting these capabilities in to production, and Ascent has the skills and experience to build business solutions with these technologies.

Cloud Readiness Solutions

IT organizations were built around mainframes and client/server. The organization has been built up around supporting and budgeting in this traditional way. The speed and scalability of the cloud changes all of that. Ascent can help your organization reshape itself for this new technology, as well as help your finance organization understand how to prepare for and price service that run in someone else's datacenter. Our Cloud Readiness Change Management has been used successfully by organizations to retrain both IT and business departments to manage this shift.

Cloud Infrastructure Solutions

The journey to the cloud usually starts by leveraging 'basic' cloud capabilities, effectively replacing an on-premise server in your datacenter with compute in the cloud. Getting your first workloads requires making sure you have all your basic capabilities, such as connecting to Azure or AWS, synchronizing identities, management and monitoring, and billing. Ascent can help you get started securely and quickly, learning how to use the cloud for these basic workloads in starter scenarios, typically Dev/Test, BCP/DR, or applications that aren't mission critical

During an O365 engagement with Ascent Solutions, our experts create a detailed plan to outline the complete scope and effort required for migration. We then lead your team to the successful completion of this business-critical project.

Hybrid Infrastructure Solutions

Unless your company was 'born in the cloud', you undoubtably will have a period when you need to manage technologies the traditional way, in your own data center. While Ascent takes a 'cloud first' approach, we recognize that you can't just get rid of all of your old technology overnight. Ascent has skills across the board with on-premise technologies, such as Windows Server, VMWare, and Linux.

Cloud and Foundational Technologies Expertise


  • Microsoft Azure
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Identity Management/Identity Federation
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuance
  • Microsoft Windows Server
  • Linux Red Hat and CentOS
  • Active Directory and Identity Services
  • Cloud Security
  • Secured Dev Ops (SecDevOps)
  • Automation 
  • Microsoft Azure
    • Azure Compute and Migration, Site Recovery, Storage
    • Azure AI and Machine Learning
    • Azure Analytics, Stream Analytics, Data Lake Analytics
    • Azure Containers, Development and DevOps
    • Azure Integration, StorSimple, Azure Management
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
    • Windows Server Migration
    • .NET Development on AWS
    • AWS Single-Sign On 
    • AWS Database and Data Lake (Redshift, GLue, DynamoDB)