Businesses like yours are under attack by nation states, criminal organizations, and activists who are seeking to gain corporate intellectual property, customer data, competitive advantage, disrupting your business operations. Your business priorities, coupled with the various motives of the attackers, make a one-size-fits-all approach to cybersecurity solutions impractical. The size and scope of a security portfolio for one company or industry may not be practical for you. Additionally, defending against modern threats doesn’t necessarily require the most advanced technology. In the event you experience a cybersecurity breach, Ascent Solutions can help you through those tough few weeks during initial react and response mode. A cybersecurity breach creates a significant amount of uncertainty and chaos for your company during the initial response and recovery activities. Ascent’s Security Assured Facility and Environment (S.A.F.E.) provides facilities and infrastructure away from the distractions and chaos so your response teams can focus on immediate remediation.

Our Cybersecurity Offerings

Cybersecurity Portfolio Transformation

Ascent Solutions’ Cybersecurity Portfolio Transformation Program modernizes your security operations and architecture to handle today’s threats, effectively comprehending the creativity of tomorrow’s attackers. Our Cybersecurity Portfolio Transformation Program also evaluates your business imperatives and improves the security of your current IT environment based on the threats relevant to your industry. The Ascent Solutions team works with your security teams and related business professionals to make any necessary transformations to your architecture.

Hybrid Cloud Administration Risk Assessment

Many IT departments are excited about the benefits of integrating cloud solutions and platforms with their existing on premise solutions. Among other concerns, systems administration is an area that is particularly impacted with additional risk and complexity by this transition. In order to help you leverage the benefits of cloud computing securely, Ascent Solutions offers our Hybrid Cloud Administration Risk Assessment. Personalized to your business goals and using our SprintTo MethodologySM (STM) for speed to solution, we document any IT operational risks, including procedures and technical controls associated with your Hybrid Cloud.

Administration On Demand

Ascent Solution’s Administration On Demand implementation reduces cybersecurity risk by restricting when and how Systems Administrators are allowed to gain elevated privileges. We implement a workflow system, Microsoft Identity Manager – Privileged Account Management, customized for you to efficiently check-out and expire privileged access on an as-needed basis.

Secure Enclave for Active Directory

Ascent Solutions’ cybersecurity team builds your Secure Enclave for Active Directory according to Microsoft’s cybersecurity practice guidelines, based on Microsoft’s Credential Theft Mitigation (CTM) strategy. Ascent separates administrative accounts and core systems associated with AD systems administration from the rest of the environment and any non-essential activities, including web browsing. We implement Microsoft-recommended credential hygiene and smart card authentication for Active Directory administrators and provide hardened Secure Administrator Workstations (SAW) when administering Active Directory. Additionally, we implement auditing, monitoring and advanced protection technologies, significantly decreasing the possibility of an AD compromise associated with administrator account credential theft.

Advanced Threat Detection

With Ascent Solutions' Advanced Threat Detection capabilities, we help you reduce your cybersecurity risks by identifying malicious attacks, abnormal behavior, security issues, and risks in your Active Directory environment using our expertise to deploy the Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA) Engine.

Secure Administrator Workstation

Ascent Solutions’ Secure Administrator Workstation reduces your company’s cybersecurity risk. It restricts the System Administrator's devices and scope of network access, while using their administrative credentials. We accomplish this by following our proven processes to build a limited access workstation, designed for executing only core administrative tasks that are separate from the administrator’s daily workstation, which may be used for other activities such as email, calendar and web access.

Our S.A.F.E. Services

Ascent Solutions S.A.F.E. House

During a cybersecurity breach response, this solution provides your company with off-site secure facilities to conduct incident response and recovery planning activities.

S.A.F.E. Workstations and Smartphones

In response to the cybersecurity breach, Ascent Solutions provides trusted hardware to you. Our secured hardware solution includes workstations and smart phones built and hardened with our exacting standards, outside the scope of the organization’s internal IT infrastructure.

S.A.F.E. Collaboration and Communication

In the event of a cybersecurity breach, Ascent Solutions experts provides out-of-band communication and collaboration capabilities. We create an environment to isolate critical information related to your incident response and recovery for your people specifically engaged in the solution. Our experts will not only create your S.A.F.E. Collaboration and Communication environment, we also use enhanced technologies to prevent unintended data loss with Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and Rights Management. During the chaos and stress of your breach response activities, we eliminate the worry of compromised or leaked communications outside your PR channels.

Cybersecurity Expertise

  • Credential Theft Mitigation
  • Secure Administrator Workstations
  • Smartcard/Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Capability, Threat and Risk Analysis
  • Application Security Education
  • Identity Security and Management
  • Cloud and Mobility Security Infrastructure