Client Testimonials

“I was introduced to Ascent Solutions in 2015 by a colleague at a networking event looking for extremely high quality resources to fix some challenging infrastructure issues.  In my first experience with Ascent they were top notch and were able to correct my immediate issues. Through that experience we engaged Ascent on many more proactive projects of a more strategic nature. They have been extremely flexible and their resources highly qualified for the work required. They engage us with what we need to have done and make sure we are highly satisfied. Ascent is now a highly valued partner to us and are a key part to infrastructure projects and strategy for our company."
- CIO, Educational Testing Firm


“I have been impressed with the quality of the Ascent Solutions team and their agility in responding to clients’ needs. More importantly, they have made a positive impression on our clients to whom we have introduced the Ascent team.”
- Partner, International Accounting Firm

“We worked with Ascent Solutions to prepare for an M&A event. What we liked was that they approached everything they did through a business lens…specifically how the technology of both companies would impact the business and the merger. They met our aggressive timelines with understanding and provided a thorough, intelligent output that enabled us to make the right business decision. We didn't know that this type of expertise existed prior to working with Ascent, and highly recommend them for their work, professionalism, and the speed to value we received.”
- CEO, Auctioneering Co-op