Ascent Managed Services

Technology is rapidly evolving and your IT department is at a crossroads. Is the best use of your technology personnel to rack-and-stack servers, patch systems, and spend years trying to upgrade systems or is it to help your business apply technology to solve business problems and grow your market? It seems obvious to us, so we built our Ascent Managed Services to help you best leverage cloud services and get technology in the hands of your users. Ascent has the expertise and resources to research, interpret, and manage the fast moving cloud ecosystem, allowing you to focus on the true purpose of technology: make your business better.

Our Managed Service Offerings

Office 365 or EM+S

A major benefit to Office 365 and EM+S is the speed at which new features are automatically added to the system across the spectrum, from new user features to backend updates to security features. Many of our customers struggle staying on top of these features to make sure that they are applied appropriately, either taking advantage of the functionality or increasing security. With Ascent's deep understanding of Office 365, we can help you maximize your investment in the solutions.

SCCM as a Service

As one of Microsoft's top global partners for Windows 10 upgrades, the number one factor driving the speed and success of a migration is the customer's health of their deployment environment. System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) is the top deployment tool used in enterprises today, yet in over 90% of our Windows 10 migrations the customer's SCCM environment was in such poor shape that the initial pilot deployments needed to get delayed to fix SCCM. Most companies deploy and fix their SCCM environment, then let it atrophy back in to a poor state, making any future technology rollouts more expensive and cumbersome. Ascent Solutions solves that problem with our SCCM as a Service offering. Offload SCCM upkeep to Ascent and focus your valuable technology resources on being nimble to get technology in the hands of your employees at the speed they expect. 


Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider

Microsoft recently introduced their Cloud Solution Provider program (CSP), a benefit to customers to allow them to get closer to their partners to manage all of the Microsoft cloud relationship, from billing and licening to migration and support. Ascent, as a CSP, has taken the concept farther than other CSPs...instead of providing one option, Ascent provides 4 different levels to suit all of our customers needs.

  • Base Service: Ascent provides the licenses and a licensing dashboard, user adoption, base level support and a virtual technology advisor, and yearly health and security checks
  • Silver Service: Base Service + higher touch support, more frequent health and security checks, Ascent Professional Services discounts
  • Gold Service: Silver Service + access to architects, dedicated technology advisor, access to our technology research personnel
  • Platinum Service: Gold Service + architecture credits, highest touch support, elevated training options, in-depth security reviews

Security as a Service

Don't you wish you had a Security advisor who's providing you updates on the industry, helping you prioritize your projects, interpret regulations for your company, and helping you hands-on manage your security environment? With Ascent's Cyberwarfare approach, knowledge of the top security platform with Microsoft's EM+S, and partnerships with additional key vendors, Ascent will be side-by-side with you navigating the cyber industry. Continual, scheduled security reviews, scheduled White Team hunting, and access to a variety of cybersecurity experts across 5 domains (Strategy and GRC, Identity and Access Management, Infrastructure Protection, Data Protection, and SIEM/Operations), you have allies in the battle against the bad guys.